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Using a multi-tiered highly optimized ad platform, we can optimize fill rates on each tier to ensure maximum return on each eyeball to your site.

Implementing a variety of strategies, we ensure that your content gets to a larger audience. Not only that, we’ll pore over your analytics to optimize our strategies and pinpoint key demographics, to ensure your content gets to the RIGHT audience.

Together with our team of designers, we will design a site, with your input, that is optimized to your audience and content. We can also help design your site to display ads – Don’t leave money on the table!

This is the “total package”. We will provide any of our services that you require, and also help frame your content strategies and brand identity to strengthen your brand’s presence in the online entertainment space. Our team is friendly, talented, and very responsive.

Has a brand gotten in touch with you wanting you to tout their product on your website or social media account? Turn to Frame Media Group to help you negotiate that deal, and we can make sure to get you the rate you deserve while protecting your rights to your content.

Taking your budget and desired time investment into consideration, we will help you choose the best solution for your merchandise. If that solution requires any web design, or APIs for payment, manufacture, and fulfillment, Frame Media Group will set everything up and get it running.

Featured Talent and Platforms

Hey Abigail – Whether you are wondering if “cyber-dating” is ok these days, or you’re simply having a bad hair day and you need a fix to boost your mood, Abigail’s here girls. She’s here as the big sister you never had, the friend you never seemed to be able to make, and as “that girl” at sleepovers who stayed up until 4:00 in the morning begging to play truth or truth while the other girls threw pillows at her just to get her to be quiet. Like it or not, you got her, and she’s here to stay. So quit trying to figure out this “women” stuff alone, and do it together.

The Anti-Society – The ANTI Society is a collective group of young artists making a big splash in the hip-hop, art, and fashion worlds. Led by the one and only David Sabastian, ANTI Society is a true team. They write and produce their own music, shoot their own videos, and throw their own ridiculous parties. They have lots of exciting projects in the works, so now is the time to get on board!

DaRealTank.com – Born and raised in Abilene, TX, Hollis Thomas was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent out of Northern Illinois in 1996. Despite such unheralded beginnings, he went on to play nose tackle in the NFL for 14 seasons for the Eagles, Saints, Rams, and Panthers. Currently, Hollis is the defensive line coach for the Philadelphia Soul, the Bon Jovi-owned Arena Football team.

On top of his duties as a coach, he’s also the co-host of a sports radio show on 94 WIP in Philadelphia. He’s used that platform to become one of the leading sources for off-beat news regarding the NFL and Eagles franchise specifically. From breaking stories about Nnamdi Asamugah eating lunch alone in his car, to revealing the existence of the now infamous Veteran’s Stadium porn stash, Hollis brings a rare combination of access and candor to an otherwise stuffy and message-conscious industry.

Girly Locker Room – Genuine and relatable, Jackie James brings a refreshing authenticity and positive energy to the screen.  Jackie was raised in Newport Beach, California and graduated from the University of San Diego. After a career in the automotive and commercial real estate industries, Jackie decided to shift gears and leave her safe, corporate job for an opportunity to discover her true purpose.

In March 2014, Jackie was invited to study sports by shadowing various television networks during Major League Baseball (MLB) spring training.  Being a sports simpleton, Jackie was very much intimidated by this assignment.  Proving that we never stop learning, Jackie returned with a better understanding of teamwork, discipline, and determination.

“There is so much good that we can all learn from sports and the people involved”, Jackie says.  Inspired and motivated by her recent experiences, Jackie created the Girly Locker Room to help other non-traditional sports fans benefit from the lessons she learned, and continues to learn, from the athletic community.

GirlTalkHQ – The international headquarters for all things inspiring for our generation. Girl Talk HQ started as a tiny idea by TV Host Asha Dahya, and has grown over the past couple years towards a solid brand. It’s full of articles, pictures, posts, videos and other resources that will inspire your life as a young women trying to make it in this crazy world!

Sugarloco.com – SugarLoco is your source for news, reviews, recipes, and everything else from the world of sweets. SugarLoco partners with leading brands and restaurants in the confection and drinks industries to bring readers the latest on which indulgences to try, and which to skip out on. While it’s not the recipe site you should be going to for your every day meals, there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself. Remember – Stay Sweet!

Leslie Durso – A vegan chef and healthy living educator, Leslie Durso is the glowing face of a fresher plant-based movement that refuses to compromise style for sustainability. Walking the plant-based talk since the age of eight, this Southern California native has always been well ahead of the times with her meatless mindset, but the greater populace is now embracing her teachings more than ever. She currently broadcasts her farm fresh recipes and warmhearted sensibilities to an extensive audience spanning more than 130 countries via LeslieDurso.com.

Love and Loathing LA – a glimpse into life in Los Angeles as a twentysomething through the eyes of Caroline Juen. Caroline is a recent graduate of Chapman University, where she earned her art degree. As she travels around LA, she always has her eye out for photo ops, food, and experiences that she can share with her fans. Her strength as a brand comes from her ability to articulate the beauty she senses in the world around her, turning her site into a guidebook of sorts for the sophisticated young urban adult. Check out her work at loveandloathingla.com